Taking action

In order to keep our eyes on the goal, to keep that goal fixed at a reachable point in the future (i.e. not to let it keep sliding forwards in time along with us, like the rabbit the dogs at the racetrack can never reach), Caroline and I have registered for courses at the Goethe-Institut here in Tokyo. This may seem almost absurd to some — studying German in Japan?? — but it’s actually a solid, strategic move on our part.

For Caroline, it means elevating her German ability from about a low-intermediate level to, well, as far as she can take it in the next couple of years. This will be very useful in the not-to-distant future.

For me, it’s about refreshing, rebuilding, and possible attaining the highest level of accreditation available from this worldwide institution. The latter would be great to add to my resume or online profiles. More importantly, this is meant to help me find the confidence with the language that I’ve lost over the past six or seven years.

We’re both really excited about this. Naturally, I still have to keep pushing forward with my Japanese language training, but this was some good forethought on our part, if I may be so immodest.

Sometimes you have to admit your shortfalls first before you can move in a positive direction. I think I can feel this train starting to chug forward again.

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